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California/Nationwide Background Checks

*All of the following background investigations are conducted in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

  • Employment screening -- Do you know if the candidate you are considering to hire is the right person for the job? Employment Screening background checks are vital to ensure a safe and secure workplace. Walshin Investigations conducts a complete background check for any possible criminal convictions or any other adverse records. The screening also includes a complete credit check (with a signed authorization). Character reference interviews are conducted at clients request.

  • Tenant Screening -- Find out about the prospective tenantís background; credit history, previous tenant history and criminal history check. Walshin Investigation conducts a comprehensive background investigation to see if the individual is the right tenant before you enter into a rental agreement.

  • Business Partnership -- How well do you know your future business partner? Walshin Investigations conducts a complete background investigation to let you know if your potential partners current and historical information appears appropriate and found.