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We Find / Locate Missing Persons...Anywhere!

Do you need to find a ...

  • Witness
  • Defendant
  • Family Member
  • Friend

We begin with investigative databases for addresses, telephone numbers, family members, associates and neighbors. Followed by, discreet telephone inquiries, interviews and surveillance when needed.

Walshin Investigations specializes in those “Hard to Find” locates, Expediently, Professionally and Confidentially!

To find a missing person our private investigators will need you to provide them with as much information as possible. If obtainable, we would like to have the missing person’s identifiers such as, full name and nicknames, date of birth, social security number, age, last known address, the date you last saw the individual and if applicable, what the missing person was wearing when last seen. Any information is helpful. Nothing is inconsequential. It may be that small piece of information that will lead our private investigators to locate the missing person. While some missing person cases may take a bit more time to locate the individual, you can rest assure that no matter what the situation our private investigators will utilize all of our resources in an effort to find who you are looking for.


Our firm has a number of different sources that are used in the process of locating a missing person. Our private investigators have access to the most modern technology and databases that will help provide the information we need. Each case is unique. Sometimes, our investigators locate the missing person in a few hours. There are times, however, when a missing person case will take a bit longer requiring interviews of family, friends, business associates and anyone who may have been in contact with your missing person.

Whether your missing person is a loved one, a business associate, a deadbeat dad or a criminal who will be brought to justice, our private investigators diligently search using every resource available to us.
We leave no stone unturned!